Pointing Fingers??

Since I have posted the first blog, the onus is on me to keep it coming.  Deep sigh. It’s not everyday one gets out of the world experiences or alien visitations worth publishing.

My cutes came visiting in April. That visit was a huge blessing to my wallet as it eased my spending on transportation in the Federal Capital Territory. My, is this place expensive! With home 20mins away from the city centre, an average return taxi fare (with no other stops) is NGN1,200.00. A few cabbies would dare to ask for NGN1000.00 one way! Daylight robbery!  Even if one was earning soo much, there’s just better use for money. Anyhoos, that was preamble to make u understand my joy at the arrival of cutie cutes who ever so willingly took me around town: work, church, home, restaurants, cinema – all I had to do was name a location and we were there without the slightest complain! Now u see why he’s my cutes, uh?

On countless occasions, he’d embark on a 25 minute drive from his to mine to pick up me up. Together, we’d head out into town again (another 25 minutes, depending on the flow of traffic) and then finally drop me off at home. All with that charming boyish grin of his.

Whilst cutie cutes made this daily (almost) routines to mine throughout his 3-week holiday without as little a sigh, I coerced a colleague (little bully *evil grin*) into giving me a ride home from town one late evening and all he practically did was complain and murmur all the way! The roads were completely free, so traffic was no excuse for all the clamouring. Anyway, I still appreciated the ride and was sure to say “thank you” as courtesy demands. Do we still chat? Sure, the love of Christ constrains. Will I ever ask of such favours? Er… No. At least I do not intend to (seeing I bullied him into a favour he so grudgingly granted).

A few weeks after, a friend comes visiting the FCT. She is really excited about site-seeing as it is her first time here. Perfect timing for her as I am available and don’t mind being her chaperone. At least initially, till we had to make a 30-minute journey to see a relative of hers. I didn’t even know where exactly we were headed, neither did she and the directions given were vague. It’s no wonder we got lost twice.

On the brink of fuming (by then my ‘boning’ was already taking perfect shape), HS (Holy Spirit, synonymous with the human conscience)Super Dearest reminded me of cutie’s frequent  travel to mine without him complaining or the slightest ‘bone’, my colleague’s grumblings and how I unhesitantly shut him up on several occasions. Instantly, I felt filthy. I’m a hypocrite! How can I condemn another and then commit the same offence?!! If this were the days before Isaiah 9:6 (glad I get you to open your Bible for the day), I should be leading all the cattle in the land to a mountain to offer burnt offerings to God. Mercy, oh Lord, mercy (my constant plea).

I remember visiting a friend on several occasions and wondering why the house was always untidy (if not always, a good number of times). Why did there have to be a pile of dirty plates in the kitchen sink? Why was her laundry always scattered about the kitchen floor and living room furnishings everywhere but where they ought to be? Why?? One week into living with her and I completely understood it was almost impossible to keep order in the environment she was living in. Super man sef, e go hard am! (It will be challenging for a super hero to cope)


Whilst it is easy to take the director’s seat and order others about living their lives like you were swaying the casts in a movie, you may want to catch yourself and stop the comments that are so quick to invade our minds and sometimes translate into condescending/disapproving looks we may not even be aware of.

Would you really do better if you were in that situation??

He who is without sin, cast the first (2nd, 100th or millionth as the case may be) stone.

*bone (verb) /boʊn/

Nigerian slang meaning frown. 

An unhappy or displeased appearance.


One thought on “Pointing Fingers??

  1. Hmm, lovely lesson learned: imagine a mile’s worth of walk in people’s shoes before throwing daggers at them. Lovely post. ‘Holy Spirit Super Dearest’ always sure to remind us of what’s wrong/right, lol.

    Keep ’em coming!



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