My Love meter’s been reading high these past days and tunes like this just further fuel the bon fire.

Unfortunately it’s hard to spread such purely agape love to male friends and colleagues of this present  spouse scouting, heart scheming, man-‘grabbing’ and aggressive relationship keeping age without raising eyebrows and false suspicions from overly imaginative guys and unsecure girlfriends.

I miss those days…

🙂 We were all happy in our little clusters; playing and giggling without a care in the world

🙂  Where we could comfortably go visiting each other; male and female without any office rumours of wanting or doing ‘it’

🙂  When it was okay to play out all evening on the streets or neighbourhood parks with other children irrespective of their homes, background, colour or family affluence. Nobody cared who your father was or was not, or what you could or could not afford. We just wanted to be friends and play together; sharing whatever we had

🙂  We’d climb the tangerine tree to pluck one or two ripe ones for the 6 of us to share

🙂  Watch in horror as Kayode kissed Wafers on the mouth/nose and have him (Wafers) repeatedly lick his (Kayode’s) nose and mouth

🙂  We’d wonder why Wafers licked his nose every time someone rubbed it

🙂  We would ride our bicycles around the neighbourhood all week like we were training for the Olympics, play on the swings chattering, giggling and laughing so hard till the neighbours came out to ask us to keep it low, go around the neighbourhood visiting friends in their homes (sometimes jumping over the low fence if the gate was locked by parents/guardians who were out), barging into compounds with swings, dogs (or anything we thought interesting) without the owners complaining or as much as sighing etc

🙂  Kayode, Mems, Veronica, Laolu, Dolapo and I would walk the dog(s) to the vet for a wash/vaccination and how they’d all rally whenever Wafers was sick – just like he were theirs. There was just this genuine love and care for one another – one with neither envy nor strife

🙂  We’d take the 10-minute walk to attend the Baptist’s Vacation Bible School  chanting Psalm 1 in anticipation of the  gifts and abundant candies the American missionaries and volunteers had to reward all who remembered their memory verses

🙂  Birthday parties were simply thrilling; every girl had a Cinderella birthday cake, most moms had their girls all dolled up in party frocks and well adorned pig-tails (for those with fairly long hair), and of course the colourful lacy party socks and black shoes

🙂  I’d excitedly skip to Mems’ and The Oshins to remind/drag them to Christ Chapel, giving aunty Margaret a tough time directing us as we chatted and played the entire duration to and fro the walk to church. I couldn’t enjoy and keep aunty Funke to myself, plus, they just had to come watch the fabulous bible stories of Elijah and the Fire from Heaven, Mr Donut Man, Kids Praise, Psalty etc. The fruit squash and other yummy snacks at Sunday school were just not to be missed!

🙂  ‘Running man’ was the in dance step

🙂  Everyone was well-educated; educational standards were high back then, even in public schools. Streets and neighbourhoods were not adorned with so many schools as they currently are

🙂 My cousins and I were ‘dumped’ at my grandparents for the holidays and were made to sit on the mat at lunch time round a bowl of eba and ewedu (or whatever was for lunch) -God bless you if you were too slow or not quick enough to grab a piece of meat

🙂 when I’d accompany my grandfather to his farm, watching as his showed me around and taught me the basics of farming with pride. I could never forget the taste of boiled yam (freshly harvested) and unadulterated Palm oil

🙂  Shabba Ranks and Maxi Priest’s ‘Mr Loverman’ tune filled he air at parties or cars of older brothers and uncles with girls seriously doing the butterfly. I cannot forget popular artistes of those days, the likes of Dizzy K (Belinda e, Belinda, o o Belinda), MC Hammer (Can’t touch this), and Shina Peters (Ace album; every other person could effortlessly mime the song from the first line –“afro juju Shina Peters igba tiwa lo de…” to the very last). Moments of sheer ecstasy etc. 

Whatever happened to the days of pure love, living without a care in the world, caring, sharing, neighborliness and so on.

Can we just be 10 again??


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing…

  1. Funny you say this, I was telling my lil sister about those days and I had to show Shina Peters on Youtube, how we used to dance and dance until we could no longer move….’open and close’…
    Those days of pure innocence seem so far away but never to be forgotten, at least not by me.

    Nice blog.

    • gosh Tessalot, who would forget the ‘open and close’ move?? Remember the one with repeatedly raised shoulders?? and fuji garbage?? lol Such moments are just classic! Memories worth keeping.
      @Moyo Shina Peters’ Ace was indeed the highlight of gigs then; the right tune fo dance competitions. It always got the crowd excited.
      Thanks for comments>

  2. Totally agree Tessalot. Shina Peters rocked like …
    How can anyone forget those days? Wonder what kids of this age do for fun?
    Well done-nice blog.

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