Passed On

Recently, my aunt passed on. The exact words of my sister as she broke the news to me.

I had just returned from an outing at the O2 only to meet my sisters unusually quiet and withheld. Thinking it a reaction to my just-before-midnight arrival, I decide to ignore ‘em and avoid any further conversation till the next day. By then, things would be back to normal. So I head off to the living room away from everyone else.

Seated on the couch in the living room and reaching for the zipper of my 10 quid fashion wannabe knee-high boots, my sis starts of with “There’s a bit of bad news”. Bad news?? I had no inkling of what would follow. All I was certain of was it had nothing to do with my late arrival.  “Auntie’s passed on” she continued.

“Passed on?” “Passed on where??” my lame response. Looking back now, those were foolish questions to have asked, but in total shock at that point, English Language failed me completely. I sat in the same position for unending minutes, staring blankly at the wall agape.  A million and two thoughts running through my mind at the same time. I just could not process that information.

It must be a prank. Very soon, there would be a phone call or text affirming it’s some kinda sick joke. An acute case of misdiagnosis. She must just have slept too deeply for too long and some incompetent medic given the wrong verdict. Or may be she’s gone off to another country to start a new life as often depicted in movies. I have yet to come to terms with it, as with other relatives. Can’t she be brought back to life?? Lazarus was after FOUR days. Hers has been a week now, but, didn’t HE say greater works?

I still remember our last conversation. I still have that picture we all took at the last family gathering in August. I only completely forgave and released a hurt caused several years ago. What if I hadn’t let go? What if this happened while my heart was still heavy from the pains caused?

It’s difficult to accept that she has passed on; not even after my cousin’s updated BBM status. Shortly, we shall be awakened from this illusion. The director will soon yell “CUT!” and all this unpleasant drama will end. Maybe this was just a ‘stunt’ to revive our fainting hearts.

Undoubtedly, we are not on Earth forever. Life on Earth is a journey that must end for our return Home. How well are we living our lives? What account shall we give upon our arrival? Surely, it is unwise to gather the riches of this world at the peril of ones eternity.

Let’s remember it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

HE will keep in perfect peace whose heart is stayed on HIM.

Love Loads.


13 thoughts on “Passed On

  1. Oh dear! Death is a bummer!
    So many things about this life leave me thoroughly confused.
    I do hope you are feeling a bit better now.
    I guess death is there to remind us – ‘Revel in today, tommorrow might never come’ ..xoxoxo

  2. the part where you talked about having forgiven a past hurt stayed with me..and that scripture you quoted at the end is one o the favourite passages, i’m trying to hold on to it.
    may the gracious Lord grant your family the grace to bear such a loss.

    • Thanks for your words.
      People we relate with on a regular basis are likely to hurt us; causing our hearts pain. Sometimes, we may not even realise we bear a grudge till an incidence exposes it. Othertimes, we feel too bitter and want nothing to do with the source. Whatever the case, we are constrained to keep loving, casting the burden upon Jesus as He surely heals our broken hearts and helps us to trust again. Another beauty of knowing Him. Yes it may take a while; a process, you may say, but one day you’ll look for the pain and realise it resides in you no more.

  3. I absolutely loved the way you wrote this post. :)..

    It is sad to know that your aunty has passed on. However what you wrote about thinking about what you spend your life doing really does turn on an alert. We don’t live forever, and neither do celebrities. It’s sad to think about, but it’s true….

  4. Sorry about your loss
    My brother went to be with the Lord almost two years ago and it has been tough coming to grips with it. I used to be very scared of losing a loved one because I just couldn’t imagine how life would be. It’s only the grace of God that keeps me going. There was a point that I felt so disappointed in God. I felt like He has failed me. I couldn’t even read my bible at a point because I kept on seeing promises that I couldn’t relate to. I had so much faith that God would intervene in my Brother’s situation, that God would not forget all the things he did to expand His kingdom.
    I still feel a void in my heart because I miss my bro all the time. My only consolation is that He’s in a better place. Life is short, we should never take the gift of life for granted. A life without Christ is worthless!
    Paul said “For to me, to die is gain and to live is for Christ”.


    • Thanks for your words Shanday.
      Glad you are back in tune with God. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to understand and accept His ways-His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. But, if we’d trust him with our fears and hurts, He is always sure to heal and mend our hurting hearts.
      Yeah, the comfort is we’d meet again and be with Him eternally.
      Thanks again.

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