Wardrobe Brouhaha

For football fans, it has no doubt been an interesting season with the highlight yesterday as Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0. Ouch! That’s just by the way. Back to the reason I am seated in front of this computer.

It’s the usual ritual before heading out. Me in front of my wardrobe deliberating what to wear and how best to wear it.


Whatever the occasion, day of the week or time, I find myself caught in the “I don’t know what to wear” or “I have nothing to wear” cycle.

Moreover, when did clothing become such a big deal?  Wish we could revert to the days were there were no clothes and all people wore were tree barks or animal skin; they weren’t bothered with what outfit was perfect for what occasion, what combinations were ideal or what colour, cuts or fabric suited what body shape or not.

Whoever gets it right all the time

I need to be out in another hour and I have yet to zero in on an outfit or a set of outfits worthy of the occasion. Although there are a million and two things to consider when picking an outfit, what tops my list is comfort. Have you noticed how uncomfortable some people look in their outfits? No matter how fashionable, stylish or trendy an outfit maybe, I have resolved to put comfort first. Maybe I have learnt from experience :). I will, without the slightest hesitation, kick off that pair of killer heels the moment it begins to feel uncomfortable. Rather that than walk like a staggering drunk.

Anyway, back to my wardrobe dilemma. 15 minutes afterwards, I have decided on a pair of trousers and three likely tops. Problem is, none of the items fit as perfectly as they once did. All of my old clothes seem to have shrunk! (Or am I getting fatter?? Nah… it must be the clothes shrinking – that’s definitely easier to deal with). If they were all their original size I won’t have to struggle to get that pair of jeans up my thighs, suck my stomach in to get that button done, skillfully apply pins to avoid my shirts from gaping or make a mental note to skip meals whilst in that ‘perfectly fitted’ outfit and when I must have a meal, I move to plan B; the use of a clutch or any bag big enough to hide any bulges –for pictures sakes. 

Deep breath

Nobody wants embarrassing images posted on fb, flckr or the likes. Isn’t it 😉 But with products like this all that drama’s not necessary anymore. You can lose a dress size or two in minutes and not be bothered at whatever angle the cameras are clicking away at. It’s your modern woman’s must-have.

A few days ago, I tried on one of my faithfuls – that piece of clothing that always comes through for you when paired with the appropriate accessory, and I couldn’t help wondering how/why the length had reduced. My favourite is a LBD (Little Black Dress) from Zara that has seen me through dinners, parties and even work!

The Little Black Dress - always handy

Many of us face wardrobe malfunctions once a while. Some more often and more grave than others. Was watching a Nigerian reality show the other day and just couldn’t get over the presenter.  He had on a triangle/Kanye scarf and was obviously feeling cool about it whilst making a bad attempt to ignore the huge beads of sweat trickling down his face. The underarm of his shirt was soaked with sweat! It was equally shocking to see ladies in tights/stockings one hot afternoon at a wedding in Abuja earlier on this year. Talk about fashion victims! It is alarming how we often follow fashion so blindly. Remember when a colleague turned up at work in leather knee-high boots – in a tropical climate with an average temperature of 33˚C. C’mn people! Where fashion is concerned, is what is good for the goose necessarily flattering for the gander?

Photo Credits: Google Images

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Brouhaha

  1. LOL
    Umm… without sounding offensive, I have to say that whenever I look through pictures taken at some Naija ‘celebrity weddings and events’; I am appalled at some peoples’ fashion choices:
    Knee high boots, tights, leather jackets, jersey dresses highlighting bumps, ill-fitting sunglasses, ugly designer items (so long as it’s designer)…….*sigh*
    And dont get me started on some Naija movies where actors/ actresses are visibly sweating while delivering their phony yankee/Jand accent!
    Oh well……..back to your question; I guess the truth is some women choose an outfit based on the image in their head – not the image in the mirror!

  2. I have a size 14 pair of trousers I refuse to give up on. You shd see mee trying to fit into it – a liitle worse than the image you have up there 🙂

  3. I laughed at the description of the attires in the party & @ 9jamum comment. knee length boots……really?

    Nigeria climate need cool & light materials because of the heat…..that is why i like ankara for any event! I DON’T LIKE LACE!

    Less is more is a motto SOME of the fashion designers in 9ja do ignore, i cringe, laugh, humphed when i come across some outlandish cloths.

    Gowns, blouse & skirt [up & down], iro & buba are never out of vogue, just like ankara itself.

    A simple straight long skirts or flayed [fish tail] is what i go for so as to cover my legs.

    A short-sleeve or 3/4 blouses with off-shoulder neck with little accessories is what i go for, if it’s a wedding party, i put on my gele, if not, i go with my low cut.
    ….thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • thisis resume enuf to be appointed minister of style and wardrobe affairs under the ministry of ‘speacial duties’… lol
      @blogstalker my sister laughs every time I try to put on a particular pair of jeans because I have to do multiple jumps (whilst pulling up the jeans) before it fits and then a deep breath to button up – there are times the button stays undone. LOL!

      Thanks for your entries

  4. see the black dress that leaves the half a midriff open? that would be my kryptonite. I love fashion but I will not show you it hurts look at posh becks some of those outfits have to be killing her but she does not show it.
    Since i had a kid tho’ I had to give up on my heels cos my toddler likes to trip me when we are walking 2getha. I guess i am beginning to choose comfort over style too *sigh*
    oh and thanx for coming to my blog today *waves*

  5. Gotta say I am most comfortable at home in a pair of old gym pants and tshirt. I don’t go out like that though and can like you, spend time thinking I’ve got nothing to wear. My closet though doesn’t seem to agree – it’s lack of space seems to indicate that I have plenty to choose from – in fact I’ve just realised that this is the problem. I need to do a clean out, so I can actually find the desired clothing items!
    Fun post and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks too for dropping by and commenting on my freshly pressed post. 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot hun for the advertisement…I owe you one or may be two 🙂

    On the fashion issue…I need Aunty Gok (http://www.simplygokwan.co.uk/) to come to my aid really…I can never and I mean Never seem to know what to wear in my overflowing double wardrobe-God help me, I keep blaming the fact that I now have a child -wonder how long that will be valid for.

    Nice blog, looking forward to more from you.
    Love xx

  7. LOLOLOL…You are giving me bare jokes on a cold Friday evening!!! hehehe… I would have lolled at the lady in knee high boots. What a joke! Same thing happens here where people are hell bent on you seeing their new top even though it is freezing. Lord help us.

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