Who dash me camera phone?!!

It’s almost like I’ve just discovered my phone has camera capabilities plus I can publish posts straight from it! Cyberspace is in trouble!

Just the other day, I stumbled on the Twitter icon on the same phone and in my intrigued razz state opened up an account(http://twitter.com/ntmadblackwoman). After about 3 days of initial excitement, traditional me couldn’t keep up. Truth be told I only got 3 feedbacks/responses of the hundreds that are daily transmitted. So, I took the cue and just boned the stuff. Abi?? The phone seemed to understand my plight as I can no longer find the icon. Maybe this phone of mine has auto-emotion detection capabilities as well. See technology!! (please pronounce TE-ki-NO-LO-gie for full razz effects)

Anyway, I have decided to share some images from the kindness of my heart (pardon my present razzness- it’s exhilarating, though and very therapeutic too :)).

Thanks for sharing my razz moments with me.
Love loads.


My recent experiment...pulled it off nicely!


Somewhere between Leceister n London - perils of making camera phones available to every Sikira, Tope n Sule!!

Obtained from my neighbour’s friend’s uncle’s cousin’s manager… 🙂

On the streets of FCT today - PDP primaries

Another scene of Abuja Central Area today

Some of the many armed officers on the streets today

10 thoughts on “Who dash me camera phone?!!

  1. The sandwich looks yummy but I’d rather get someone to make it for me.
    My theory is food tastes even better when someone makes it for you! *smile*
    BTW, I have nominated you for the Stylish and Versatile award
    Please visit my blog to know what you are expected to do!

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