So I’m Stylish and I’m Versatile…yaay!!!

*excited* *eyes widened* I’d like to thank God for this award – I owe my everything to Him. To Naijamum, MimiB, P.E.T Projects I would not be standing here (my imaginary podium) without your nominations and referrals *tearing up* – Thank you. To the internet, wordpress, blogsville and cyberspace at large thanks for hosting thediaryofanotmadblackwoman – through well structured posts and otherwise – you are true friends indeed. To viewers, readers, commentators(right word??), other bloggers, and events that inspire entires in my diary – I am indeed grateful *air kisses* Thank you all. Party venue may be posted shortly. LOL

Now to the tedious bit. Seven things about this notmadblackwoman:

Yahweh: I believe in God, His only begotten; Jesus and His ever-present Holy Spirit.

Germ-o-phobic: Meaning I hate the idea of germs clinging to me. Example: had to use a public phone earlier today and had to place it on speakerphone because I just couldn’t imagine holding the phone close to my ears – the thought alone makes my cringe. Immediately I got back to my seat, I scrubed my hands in anti-bacterial gel that permanently resides in my hand-bag.

 I like when a place is in order. Whilst cooking, I tidy up after me. As in, even if i would still use the spoon in another 5 minutes; I’d still wash it and keep washing till I’m through cooking. My flatmate’s found it absolutely irritating but, i just hate to see an untidy place – kitchen especially.

Food: I enjoy the eating and making of good food. I like to play around with ingredients and come up with something that may have no name, may not look good, but 100% edible and lip licking good.

Food: I absolutely enjoy a good meal. I can have about 7 meals a day! Really. Not joking. Also enjoy ordering/buying Sushi ( Nigiri, Temaki and Norimaki with the wasabi and soy sauce – an absolute delight *rubs tummy*) – strictly because my close friends do not like it, so I usually eat it all myself (it ends in the bin if I get tired of eating) *greedy grin*.

Shoes: There was a time I stepped into a shoe store and came out with about 9 pairs of shoes. The shop assistant was startled – she actually asked if I intended selling. Lol. I appreciate a good pair of shoes. Sometimes, I buy a shoe because it’s ugly. Lord, help me! Situation much better, though. Not critical any longer…lol.

Chatty: Can be really chatty. I am one to walk up to the newbie at work or church and just go on chatting enough to make ’em comfortable and less tense. *angel hollow*

Guess that’s about it. Now to confer on others (guys, you also have to go through the process – thank your referrer(s)- you don’t have to be overly dramatic like I was, list 7 things about you, confer on 15 bloggers and inform them), in no particular order:


Horeb International













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12 thoughts on “So I’m Stylish and I’m Versatile…yaay!!!

  1. Thanks for the mention – Horeb International. Glad that it inspires you. I smile cos you said you are chatty and use that to make other feel comfortable. Your chatty nature made me visit encounter group (West Street) for the first time. I still remember the day you ‘ambushed’ me, the VA newbie, on the street (lol) and made sure I attended E-group the following day when I was looking to fly under the radar and not get involved. Keep your chatty nature cos it works for you.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I love tidying up after myself while cooking too. As for the chatty nature, not me but I appreciate such people when I need to be drawn out of my shell.

  3. Congratulations on your award!
    Totally concur re- Horeb Int…very inspiring.
    Keep it up and hoping to read more from you.
    PS- I agree you are OBSESSIVE with cleaning if I must say the least – *remember manor oaks garden*

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