Christian Brother!

I can imagine Jaid smiling as he reads the content of this post. He must be remembering my confused and incoherent speech as I relayed my ordeal over a sumptuous chinese meal of marcopolo special fried rice(like your house wine type thing) and spicy diced chicken in black bean sauce…something along those lines…

I had gone visiting a fellow worker(someone offering committed voluntary services in church) in his home when the unimaginable happened. He tried kissing me! (Please tell me you screamed, ‘ahh’ed or ‘yee’ed). Because I was as shocked. I’m still struggling to understand the rationale behind such move. It’s a bummer. It is,isn’t it? Or am I being overly dramatic??

I’d try to tell it as it happened: About 30 minutes after my arrival, he informs me in his softest voice ever that he “likes me a lot”. He always had; from the first time we met. How he kept coming to my office then under some flimsy guise just to see me and bladhey bladhey bla.

All this he said holding my hands, looking into mine eyes (KJV) and speaking softly…see stunts o.

And then he concludes with an attempted kiss – tongue inclusive. Church brother!

I can’t but wonder what “I like you a lot” means these days:
1. I like you and would want to mess around with you damning the consequences?? (interpretation: saying I like you should get your naïve mind excited enough to let your guards down. You’d deal with the aftermath of your foolishness once our out-of-control hormones get normal again). That’s my sole interpretation. And I think it’s very demeaning to the lady, especially.

Jaid says there’s nothing wrong with a boy wanting to kiss a girl he likes. Well, my question is does that still apply when this lip-loving dude has a girlfriend?

Yes I agree our bodes are a hub of hormones and remain the same even when our spirits and minds are renewed in Christ. But is that reason enough to have bulging pants and wanting to find expression/release come what may??

This is sexual immorality, isn’t it? What we are supposed to flee…along with all appearances of evil. Right?

Apparently, this is not an unusual occurrence in the church. How did it become so rampant? How can it be nipped in the butt? Since our bodies still react to sexual stimuli as it would prior to our salvation, how do we react to such stimuli now that we are saved and sanctified. Or is this one of dem cases ‘God understands’? Afterall, body no be wood, abi? You’ve got blood flowing through your veins, innit??

Let’s not be fooled (any longer). God is not mocked… Galatians 6:7

Love Loads.

13 thoughts on “Christian Brother!

  1. Lol. Oh dear! Well….

    I think that some young christians are still in the process of learning what’s acceptable and what’s not when it come to dating/courting etiquette. Especially those who were “in the world” for lack of a better term, at the period in their life when they started having romantic relationships with the opposite sex, before they became renewed in Christ.

    That being said, there is such a thing as self control.

    Maybe he really does like you but he lost it for a minute? If he does have a girlfriend on the other hand…well that’s just dodgy behviour : )

  2. Some guys are just jokers. The effontry (can you tell i watch nollywood movies?) to kiss you?! Shock Horror!!! Well i guess you should thank God that he didn’t lie that God revealed to him in a dream that you’re his wife.
    Your definition of ‘i like you’ seems reasonable to me, but trust it it’s miles better than a guy you have nothing to do with, that barely knows you claiming to be in love with you. 7/10 for sincerity on his part 😉

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