Day One Hundred and Sixteen

Dear Diary,

Boy am I lazy!

I cannot believe the last time I wrote in here was 116 days ago. How time flies! Faster with a tardy and lascivious attitude like mine these past days, I must add. I have only recently discovered how comfortable a bed gets especially after a pack of crisps, chocolate cookies, a tub of ice-cream and watching a good action movie like Hanna or some romantic stuff like Just Go With It.

I have spend a better part of the 116 days discovering Nigeria by road. Not as adventurous nor as relaxing as you may think. All work related. Things I do in my office as PM and EA! Abuja -Ekiti- Akure-Lagos -Ibadan and almost Ilorin – when i discovered i could actually say no to the prolonged and fatiguing trips. I’m sure I would have touched Kano too and would probably have been publishing this post from Zaria.

there’s quite a bit to tell diary, hmm…

Soon, dear diary soon…. by God’s grace.

Till then,


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