Dear diary,
You wouldn’t believe what happened today! First, allow me to digress…I’m still overwhelmed at the outcome of my birthday dinner party – God is just fantastic! I had a good time – lovely food, my friends in Abuja were all there but for 1, and best of all, the bill wasn’t outrageous (so Lolade, Dayo etc didn’t have to work in the restaurant to make up for an unpaid bill). The celebrations didn’t end on Friday as I had thought – I got a surprise bbq birthday party with family from BA on Sunday and the nibbles were finger licking good! By the time I was through eating, I could barely move. Got home and went straight to bed.

Ok. That’s that for a digression. Back to my ordeal. You wouldn’t guess who I bumped into at the airport today. Christian bruv AND WIFE! Yes o. Wife. Apparently she had been studying in America for over 3 years now and returned recently to get married.

Unlike Sunday when I avoided seeing him after service, I couldn’t this instance as he was right in my face. So I braced myself, smiled, exchanged quick hellos and took off (it was a rather uncomfortable situation I needed to get away from). Guess what he did next. Follow me. And then sat at the next available seat to mine chatting along like I was wrong to be feeling the situation was weird.

The flight attendant couldn’t have done a better job keeping us seats apart on the flight (cannot imagine if we were coincidentally seating next to each other or even on the same row).

Glad to be seated by myself on the plane as other passengers boarded, my phone rings and voila! he’s the one calling – suggesting we share a taxi since we were heading in the same direction. I obliged him; for better use of my 5k- there are better things to spend 5k on than a taxi fare, believe me).

So here we are in the taxi and he goes on and on about the wedding (got no problem with that. His big day. It’s only normal he’s excited about it) and then he chips in how that could have been us! E ma gba mi ke! (Yoruba exclamation) ‘Us’?? How? Is he serious? Is this some kinda nude joke?

Na me enter im car so I no fit vex (if I wasn’t riding with him, I wouldn’t be listening to such crap). Is this me being overtly dramatic yet again? I need help in understanding this. Why wpuld he still think on those lines and say such words? Jaidi, pls don’t tell me that’s normal again.

Anticipating your thoughts on this – in dire need here.

As usual, Love loads.

9 thoughts on “Weird!

  1. I’m surprised you’re so surprised! I have heard too many men say this…Not that I know what to make of it, but honestly, I think its for want of a better thing to say…don’t take it to heart, its his new bride I feel sorry for…at least you got a free ride out of it…lol

  2. The man in question must have a brain the size of a peanut
    Only an insensitive man could say that to a girl
    Anyway, I have learnt to answer such silly comments with sarcastic retorts.
    Next time he utters such nonsense, you should answer:
    ‘Thank God it wasn’t. Your poor wife’ *sigh*

  3. I’ve heard a lot of married men say this, and it is usually when they’re toasting (trying to turn my head). I pity this one’s wife cos he’s showing signs of infidelity already. A loyal man would not say that, cos if he really cares for you, he would be after YOU and not dilly dallying. SMH at some men sha…

  4. i shudder to imagine that my dear husband* too may have said this to some girl or the other perhaps in a wave of momentary madness or maybe …!!!
    ***SMH*** and still shuddering!!!

  5. @Fluffycutething why you wan go swallow panadol for headache you no get?

    Oya babe you have to report for duty tomorrow, there is plenty gist you have to give me. Meanwhile all the women giving you condolences here can’t fail to spot the one thing glaring me in the face here.
    You mean you had the nerve to enter a cab with this guy after all that has happened between you both? The 55 or so minutes you spend for plane no do you? I have told you before you no dey hear word, you know what I think about things like this. Now seriously shaking my head.

    WHERE IS MY CHINESE?? *angryface*

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