Let’s Play ‘Catch-Up’…

So it’s been 60 days since my last post! Call me lazy, I’d argue it not (KJV) That sure is a looooongg time for any blogger talk less someone was almost made a bet on blogging twice a week (God does love me, imagine all that money gone??) It’s not like I’ve intentionally neglected you, dear diary and neither have I been faffing. I’ve got genuine excuses reasons. I have scribbled no less than three posts in my notepad, but been caught up with work and traveling that I spend every spare moment sleeping, daydreaming, eating, sleeping, eating and chatting. believe me, my social life…whatever I was trying to carve of it, suffers as well. Hmmm! Projects can be demanding and a meticulous boss, even more draining, most times. It’s work, work, work till the clients are satisfied you’ve licked their asses clean enuf (now that’s no foul language, is it?). On the other hand, what does it really cost to publish a blog? How many minutes can it possibly take to type a few lines and hit the ‘post’ button? Especially when the app sits comfortably on a phone that’s always near reach (at least most times). And thanks to the cheap social plans, bis service is constantly on, so Internet connectivity is no excuse either. Anyhoos, here’s a long due post for your read.

Going by the title, especially if you read the last post, you may be wondering what happened after all that sighing. Did she do it? No she didn’t. She got no nerves like that. She ain’t nobody’s mistress. Not now. Not ever in Jesus name. Amen. Buh she met some yummy fella tho *wink*. That gist…under a different heading….some other time….hehehe.

Like Joseph, I’m technically fleeing…woulda been better earlier, buh, still life-saving even now that I have decided to use the door. The bible doesn’t joke when it says flee ALL appearances of evil. It’s no time to play super hero babes, flee like you life depends on it because it does. FLEE. Or else you’ll soon find yourself making excuses for your errors and trying to justify your slips…God understands (the most popular one) and I’m only human (another frequently used line). God have mercy! His mercy, our get of jail card as Christians; His wisdom – our stay out of jail license. If we’re truthful, we wouldn’t deny His instructions are extremely beneficial to our daily living and ain’t half as style-cramping as the world plays it to be.

Recently, I took a trip to Port Harcourt despite my ‘busy’ schedule and I must say I had such a good time that I have decided to hook-up with Damall and friends on the beaches of Lagos, go-karting et al. It’s funny how you think you can’t do something or haven’t got time to chill because of whatever reasons, when all you have to do is try to be determined to make it work and work it does!

It’s the holidays people! Take that break. Relax, enjoy and revel in the fact that your saviour was born and still reigns as king over your life (can only hope He is your King)

Love you loads


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