Boyish Me!

I’ve never been one to flaunt feminine prowess – never even attempted feeling like some Greek goddess or being a maestro of feminine mannerisms/etiquette.

It’s surprising enough that I now wear heels and own about a dozen pairs that I actually wear…up me! I must confess I miss the days of rocking Mappin Street in my timberland boots and boyfriend jeans – bouncing in and out of lecture rooms.  A friend once teased me that he could tell I was the one coming from afar because of my signature ‘strut’.Lol. How are you supposed to walk in footwear like that any way? You definitely aren’t expected to catwalk in trainers, are you? Mehn! Those days were simply precious… if I were 23 again and not currently living in the tropics, I’d gladly re-live ‘em days.

It’s not like I’ve lost my boyish flare. That’s probably one of the things you notice about me when we meet (outside business meetings). I’m real, straight forward and frank. I really haven’t got all that time/threshold for girly pranks/pretence and all those unreal sturvs.

I was having drinks with a male friend the other night and I wore a pair of boot cut jeans,

close enough; she's just missing her brother's belt

tailored casual jacket (rolled – up) a complimentary pair of killer heels and my brother’s

belt! (Needed a belt and his were the only ones I could find, so I grabbed it without hesitation).

Back at the ICT firm I used to work, my happy moments were on-site – climbing roof tops, erecting radios and antennas , nailing trunking pipes and crimping network cables while the guys rapped about football, politics or whatever topic they found interesting that day. At break we’d stroll into the nearest or most popular mama-put for a meal of pounded yam and efo-riro…depending on the town…no one dared use a piece of cutlery to eat. After the meal we’d head back to site; usually on okadas (on the days  they decide to be mean to me or if we’re in a town like Sokoto or Kano where alternative means of transportation is scare. At best, we’d ride in the keke Napep…I wouldn’t even dare to suggest a taxi). Life as the only female on the team was fun!

You should have seen the look on a colleague’s face the day he saw me in a long floral skirt. He went on about it all week!

About a year ago, I decided to serve in my local church and had to choose a unit. The choir wasn’t an option…didn’t want to be burdened with buying clothes every week all in the name of uniforms etc Ushering/protocol seemed too pretty and formal, so I whole heartedly became a techie! And again, I’m the only female in my unit. Bliss!

I have to admit I love male company…good, God-fearing ones o. I get to have wholesome conversations with ‘em; intellectual, politics (I listen most times), career, spiritual, ‘worldly’, technology, street wisdom  and more importantly, I get to play. I could be quite playful and my male friends indulge me. Also, they tend to be more humorous than their female counterparts (no offense girls). Gisting with a dude is just it! Seriously. Information is usually saddled with facts and not hearsay and devoid of biff, jealousy and all other feminine spices. Most men don’t go on hating, speak factually, defend their own and are more rewarding friends in the long run than their female counterparts.

To end this post, let me share something I recently did with you. I went into an office sometime last week only for the man to start ‘toasting’. Asking and suggesting to ‘take care’ of me in Abuja since I had earlier mentioned I had a boyfriend out-of-town (yes, I lied). He hadn’t even finished talking his rubbish when I got on my knees with hands in the air beseeching mercy. The fellow was perplexed. I might have even called him ‘daddy’ at some point. He had to beg me to stand up. I bounced out of his office grateful to God that would never happen again.

Take care people.

Hope you are having a fab week.

Just for laughs

Lotsa Love…. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Boyish Me!

  1. LOL @ the last part. mmmmm

    Regarding being a tomboy……..sounds like me. I love male company because I came from an all-female household and I knew how bitchy women could get. In university, I was the jean-wearing tomboy with the punk haircut! Funny enough is I now have only sons !! mmmm

    However, I have begun to enjoy the company of like minded females. My professional mentor is even a woman and I even enjoy girls night out with like-minded women now.

    I’m sure with time, you’ll have your tight group of female friends. Nobody will understand what it is like to juggle a career, motherhood and retaining your ‘swagger’ – like another female.

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