February 29th

So it’s Day 2 of this rather boring Induction Programme at work and apart from one presentation on Civil Service Conduct and Ethics, all I’ve managed to achieve is two days off sitting at a desk typing Internal Memos, not signing receipts of correspondence and not being accused of chilling at my desk and keeping to my unit (apparently, there’s a culture about civil service and office visitations/rounds). At this induction, sleep is very much welcome and condoned; especially, for peeps like me, sitting behind. It’s times like this, I bless the makers of smartphones and the God that made one available to me. Having a mobile tablet in addition would have been bliss, pure bliss.

So here I am @ 11:10am wondering if I would have been better off cuddled under a duvet, watching a movie and sipping some kinda chocolate drink.

Talking movies, I saw a rather sick one two days ago where a boy dropped dead jerking off on a tree outside his school mate’s house as he watched the mother sleep. The woman feel unconscious after hitting her head against the bathroom tiles as she shagged her neighbour. Robbers discover and play the tape mistakenly recorded while the woman and her neighbour did their business to the family(now held hostage). Also, it was later-on discovered that the woman was also screwing the neighbour’s teenage son! Sick, that one, isn’t it? And NO, it wasn’t porn!

Got a nagging headache at the moment. I really just want to lie somewhere and sleep. Plus, I’m seriously craving ice-cream, shawarma (doner kebab), chocolates and vanilla sponge cake with butter icing. Don’t ask if I’m pregnant 🙂

Gotta get back to listening, or rather, feigning attentive, before I get called on to answer some ridiculous question.

Good day peeps!
Lotta Love…

2 thoughts on “February 29th

  1. I take it you just got a new job and if you’re this irritated about it already that’s a bad, bad sign. As Temi said pele o

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