Some Things Work

So, my drivers’ license expires and I have to get a new one especially since my free ride to and from work will be on vacation in another 48 hours.

As with anything in Nigeria, I’m scared of the entire renewal process; poor service delivery, unprofessionalism and lascivious attitudes of service providers especially government workers, unending queues and the list goes on.

Wanting so bad to avoid these, I tried everything possible to pass the buck to someone else (parents, siblings, friends), but people just wouldn’t be bothered with my driver’s license renewal; bigger fish to fry, I guess. Unlike 3 years ago, when all sister dearest did was get my details and called her guy who delivered a clean license in less than a week! Genuine or not is another story entirely.

Anyway, I decide to delay no farther and get the process started myself. After getting conflicting information from the company driver, auto mechanic and a few more folk that thought to give their 2 cents, I turn to ever faithful Google to locate FRSC online (not like I expected to find any useful information there…I was so sure the website will be outdated and full of dead links). Surprisingly, it wasn’t. I found a link on driver’s license which worked perfectly. I filled an online form, selected my biometric centre and was even given the option to pay online! After making necessary print outs, I quickly head to my preferred centre to complete the process, praying the queues wouldn’t be mad since it was barely past 10am on a wet day.

To my amazement, the VIO office at Mabushi was calm and the officer that attended to me extremely courteous. After explaining the renewal process to me which included tests, yes, theory tests, he handed me a document that contained road signs for a quick read (guess I didn’t sound confident when he asked if I was familiar with road signs). And when I was ready, we proceeded to the theory tests on road signs, meanings etc. After my submission, he reviewed my performance, made notes on my result and passed it on to the next officer for further processing.  I’d like to note that he was speaking English the entire period; not Pidgin nor vernacular.

While waiting for Officer 2 to complete his data entry, my examiner ran through the various road signs with me, pointed out the errors I made during the test, and welcomed any questions relating to road use (we even went on the road just to show me samples of such signs while he asked me questions and answered whatever I wasn’t able to).

Officer 2, then politely pointed me to the next phase of the process where I had to pay for my copy of road signs and a CD further detailing these. I obtained a receipt without asking/demanding for one, paid for the renewal costs, proceeded to data capturing and was issued a temporary license pending the availability of the renewed one.

I am still in awe, really. I can’t believe the process was that easy(easy, doesn’t quite cut it; abeg borrow me english). I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of service and overall service delivery of a Federal Agency. As in, Up Ng! I’m proud we got this one right!

6 thoughts on “Some Things Work

  1. Wow… When popsie told me I could do it online I didn’t believe. Called a guy who got it for me in 2 days. I was scared it was going to take forever and me I move around a lot and unfortunately was out of town when it expired. Would keep this in mind o… Next time, I head to FRSC’s office

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