Hello good people!

Keeping well?

Hope so ūüôā

Well, came across two causes that have captured my heart. I am going to share them with you and encourage that you donate something, please; nothing is tagged ‘little’ when it comes to giving. Please do not wait till it piles up to thousands, millions or billions because then there’d probably be more needs to be met and the thousands, millions or billions amassed insufficient to¬†meet our growing needs. Truth be told, there’s always one (at least)¬†excuse not to give. But when you realise that you will be saving a life, giving hope, building a future for someone else by giving something (N100, ¬£1, $1 etc), it makes the temporary inconvenience you might face worthwhile because you would have added value to someone else and put a smile on the face of another.


At 28, Debbie’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s¬†been undergoing treatment at LUTH¬†and requires N6m for further surgical operations. As someone said, all she needs is 6000 people donating N1000.00 each. Talk about little drops of water¬†making an ocean. PLEASE, Help Save Debbie. Please.

Account Details:


Access Bank

Idiagbonya Osasere

Contact Numbers: +234(0)809 668 2757, 803 096 8033


The foundation is concerned with promoting the welfare of the less privileged in the society. Hence, they work with registered orphanages  in the suburbs of the FCT ensuring the basic needs of the children such as education, good food, medical care, safe living environment are met. Also, the foundation caters to teenagers, the disabled and deformed, abused women and widows in conjunction with other NGOs in the city.

You can make a difference in a  life by making donations.

To sponsor a child in Primary School:

School Fess: N5,500.00 per child per term (Tuition and Uniform only, excludes books and other institutional demands)

To sponsor  the entire welfare of a child (basic primary; age 6 Р10) (education, feeding, medical care (basic), clothes etc): N15,000.00 per child per month.

Account Details:

561 536013 110


Crystabel O. Asuquo

Contact Numbers: +234(0)807 768 4804, 705 108 9536

Please call the contact numbers for further (and more precise) information. Thank you!

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