Okay. Yesterday Bayern Munich and Lille on SuperSport, was that football?? 30 minutes into the match and it felt like I was watching Okocha play against the captain of the Government secondary school on my street; Bayern had scored  4 goals already and by half time, the scores were 5 – 0.  At that point, I turned down the volume and got comfy under the duvet, it wasn’t a match worth staying awake for! Haba!

So HR calls for a general staff meeting and a few of us miss it. We were asked the following day and you should have heard the excuses, sorry, lies spring forth. People don’t even think twice before lying these days o. Not like I’m holy or anything. I was just astonished at the speed and skills on display. Nollywood should have been there, like 20 movies could have come out of that( however crappy, but hey, it’s Nollywood we are talking about – no insult intended o, just saying). The one that got me tripping is this chic’s approach. The ‘aunty’ not only lied that she got stained (menstrual stuff) and had to go home to change, she put up an act of un-wellness at the follow-up meeting and asked to leave immediately after the meeting. She comes in this morning, late, and is asked if she’s feeling well enough to be at work today. LMAO! See acting skills. God have mercy on me if her illness yesterday was real o, Amen. But females, we can use menstruation to lie! And thing is we get away with it most times, especially when dealing with mumu’s men. 🙂

My friends’ siblings are getting married; a friend’s sister is getting married to another friend’s brother. I know both families. In the Nigerian wedding scene where aso-ebi is a major factor with each family having its own colour scheme, I’m wondering who’s to wear. Do I buy both and combine; hopefully, the colours will blend (else, we’d call it colour blocking, lol), buy both but attend the wedding in a dress or better still, buy none and attend the wedding in a dress. I’m tending to the last option though; it’s cash-saving…lol.

So the entire globe seems to be rejoicing at the re-election of the US president. Good luck to him, patience to his wife, but I still don’t get why fellow Nigerians have it up on bb, Facebook or whatever social media?? So he won, hallelujah! But can we all just get back to queing for fuel…lol.

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2012

It’s the Abuja Special Holy Ghost service with Pastor E.A. Adeboye today and tomorrow 8th – 9th November, 2012. Theme: Arise & Shine. At the RCCG Redemption Camp along Keffi expressway. 7pm daily. Be there!

Image Credits: Google Images

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