What movie have I seen something similar??

This babe makes it clear to her boo ‘No Sex before Marriage’. That has always been a major value in her upbringing. One she has held onto tightly over the years and wasn’t ready to give up, just not yet.

To her there were just too many headaches associated with sex; to use a condom or not, who’s wearing what and what brand, what if the condom bursts mid

way, contraception pills, pregnancy, abortions etc. way too many issues her 24-year old brain can do without. And fortunately, boo dearest understood and agreed.

She felt at peace with herself; after all, she wasn’t really ‘denying’ him anything; they kissed, he was permitted to fondle her breasts, caress her bum (her favourite) etc so long they were fully clothed! Sex wasn’t an option.

That they’d done for 11 months and they both seemed to be happy. She had just gotten her first job post-nysc and his career as a web/portal developer was thriving. Life was just blissful. She continued in that state of mind till Wednesday evening when the thought crossed her mind and she hasn’t been able to shake it off ever since. “Could she be pregnant?” it’s been two months now; the unexplainable weight gain, fuller breasts and increased appetite seemed to support that thought. “It could be stress” she said out loud in a bid to counter the thought. “But, I haven’t had sex” she added trying harder to shake the thought off this time. It was then she remembered the events that occurred at boo’s on her 24th birthday.

She had decided to have a quiet one as she was now a big girl officially. And what better to celebrate than spend the entire day with her beau. After opening her gifts, they played PS2 for unending hours and he’d allow her win the last game. She thought that was a really cute thing to do so she leaned over to give him a thank-you kiss. He kissed her back and the rest they say, is history. History she was familiar with till boo asked an unusual question “Can I masturbate between your legs?” “ I wouldn’t go in” he was quick to add. That was a first. She’d never heard that before and didn’t know what he meant. Before she could respond, he had gone ahead and… it happened so quickly…so it seemed. A second ago he was asking this weird question, the next he was doing weird stuff, then he started to jerk like an epileptic and finally he was numb. In a split second, she feared he may have passed out. ‘twas when he rolled over that she heaved a sigh of relief.

“You might want to clean up” he’d said casually after the entire episode as she lay there confused. She got up, not understanding what he meant but just wanting a moment to herself, she headed to the bathroom. With each step, she felt some wetness between her thighs. Darn! Menstruation! She thought as she isn’t one to keep dates of menstrual periods. You can’t imagine her shock when she reached to clean her thighs and rather than blood, it was some other sticky stuff she’d never seen before. It was then and only then she understood boo’s request and what had just happened. “Did I just have sex?” a question she asked herself repeatedly and couldn’t answer on either occasion. She let out the umpteenth sigh as she wiped away some of the stickiness from her underwear and washed the stains off her short denim skirt bff dearest had just gotten her from one of her numerous sale hunts.

Now, 9 weeks after, 5kgs heavier and a sky-rocketed appetite, she seats on her bed terrified that singular act could have put her in the family way; can she be pregnant?

5 thoughts on “Preggy?

  1. Darn! Some sticky situation here… She could actually be preggy, obviously, sshe wasn’t fully aware of everything that went down, the entire vibration aka epileptic feat had him spilling all over her…

    If she’s preggy, a lot will def go wrong, I can almost hear him denying it and accusing her of all sorts…messy!!!

  2. Isn’t that impossible scientifically? Doesn’t actual ‘action’ have to occur before eggs get fertilised and then form foetus? I think its just nerves, or whatever other reason but not pregnancy. Only if she hasn’t said the entire

  3. Hmm this reminds me of an old English case.. the wife asked for het marriage to be dissolved on grounds of non consummation ( no sex) .the judge was confused as they had a child..eventually the woman confessed her hubby had ejaculated on a sponge n put it on het vagina… So I guess this is very possible.this heavy petting has gotten many Christian couples into trouble..

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