Like Seriously?!

Wonders they say will never cease. As in! I don’t even know what to say now. How do I start this rant!

Yes. Kel and Mem have split-up for nearly a year now. And she seems to have moved on nicely, but that is no reason for Kelechi to hit on me. Diary, imagine! Something is clearly wrong with this dude. Like that wasn’t bad enough he sent a sms demanding an explanation for storming off like that. I had caused a scene. Such balls! What was he expecting? Girly giggles, blushes, a few smiles here and there? Oh, heaven knows this guys needs a good ass-whooping. He should be glad he saw me storm off clearly. Seriously, I considered splashing the Chapman on him…like a scene from the movies…only that I had second thoughts last-minute. Actually, truth is, the cocktail was good, too good to waste; my best in this town so far and by the time I summoned Shanikwa (the drama queen in me) to action, my glass was only 10% full.

Seriously, why would he do that? Should he even have such thoughts? Was he hoping to spite Memunat? Definitely not after so long. Besides, he broke up with her. They were at different places, he was reported to have said and suggested they took time out to think things through.

I remember that day so well. I was on my way back from a stakeholders’ forum in Lafia when Dola called to meet her and the girls at Cafe 24. It was 5:30pm, I had a banging headache from all that stress and missing lunch that I was just looking to a quiet evening after a dinner of Amala and Gbegiri with assorted goat meat from one of the local food vendors in the Jabi district as I couldn’t be bothered to cook. I was going to decline Dola’s offer, but knowing Dola would keep nagging about not responding to her SOS for the rest of the week and exaggerate my insensitivity, I obliged her and headed to Wuse 2 thinking about the lovely chicken wings served at the Cafe and the mouth-watering peppered gizzard.

I was the last to arrive and wondered why the girls were not having anything. Dola wasted no time in filling me in on the events of the day…the reason we were all gathered…like she was there when it all went down. And of course, we all blamed it on the dude and chanted how he didn’t deserve her, how she is better than a fella like that etc. That was 11 months ago and now he pulls this card?! Jokes, yeah? That is what this must be. The fact that he is my friend’s ex just doesn’t permit us to be in a relationship. That’s an unspoken and well accepted girl-friend code, isn’t it? Would you date a friend’s ex?



3 thoughts on “Like Seriously?!

  1. I would never date a fiend’s ex
    All I’ll keep thinking about when ‘he’s parking his car in my garage’ …………is that this is the same ‘car’ he parked in my friend’s ‘garage’………………..AWKWARD!!!!

    Hope you get my drift????

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