Much Ado About Being Broke

1. Rather than maintain a BB email signature status that advertises Blackberry and my preferred mobile operator/network provider for free , I charge both companies for every email sent with a signature that states “Sent from my blackberry device from…” or better still customise my email signature.

2. Charge my sis per hour every time I have to keep an eye on her babies and a lil percentage more when it involves me cancelling an appointment-that we are africans shouldn’t mean my time is of minimal or no value

3. Put a Naira sign to that PM advice, administrative or relationship advice/consultation I give. After all, it’s intellectual property gained from my experiences or hard earned premium cheddar – That’s what consultants thrive on, not so?

4. Rent out my room to friends and relatives rather than having them stay over for free even though I sweat before and after each visit in a bid to have the room in a good state – hotels tidy up after you only because you have paid so much to deserve such treatment.

5. Demand ‘royalty’ or whatever legal term is right for every time my tailor reproduces my well thought of and sketched design, or someone nicks my personally designed bb dp or decides to ‘steal’ something from my mobile/web domain without my permission or consent – not asking for too much, am I?

6. Squeeze a lil something out those men before pulling the plug on their implausible romance advances. For God so LOVEd that He GAVE. So if we are talking love, there’d better be some serious giving ‘cos I’d be glad to receive my way out of brokeville.

I just spent over an hour plaiting my niece’s hair…incurring a back ache, an empty bottle of my favourite hair oil (no thanks to my nephew who thought the oil looked better on the floor than in its bottle), a nagging headache etc as I had to baby sit 3 other lil ones AT THE SAME TIME WITH NO PAY!! Deep Sigh!