Help! I’m fast becoming a mistress!!

Told him the umpteenth time I am not interested, but he persists

I have asked him to stop calling me on the phone

No more house calls, I have screamed in the most offensive tone I could garner

Flinged his gifts at him on many occasions

I’ve even pulled the wife card – I’d call and tell, I have threatened many a-times

Yet that changes nothing

It’s like yelling at a mountain, an inanimate object, one that can’t hear your overly modulated pitch or feel the rage you so perfectly express or the irritation you so hastily dish out in response to his sweet nothings

Rather than walking away and ending this fiasco, he’s calm, patient, taking all the shit thrown at him and still singing the same song!

He’s in love with me. Crazy about me. How does that work with a wife and 4-year-old twin boys?? I’m not just about the sex he says. What I feel for you is deeper than that. I have nursed this feeling for months and tried to deal with it, but the feelings wouldn’t budge. Instead I crave more and more for you each time I see you. We can get married.

Married?? How can he mention marriage??Me, a second wife?? No! I definitely don’t want that.

Besides, I’m Christian. That’s definitely against my Christian values. Christian; Christ-like. Christ sure didn’t go about kissing and cuddling illicitly. He had no ‘secret’ life/affairs. All he did, he could air in the public without shame. How do I publicly declare my ‘boyfriend’ is married??That’s not light-shining –there’s absolutely no good works there

I must confess the attention is endearing, his words soothing, his touch soft and his smiles….priceless. Aargh! If only he were not married. Not a father. If only…

At this point, I don’t trust myself – that’s why I write.

I write knowing that after I have published this, I am accountable not only to my conscience but also to many others, including You!

Excuse me, Mrs. Potiphar…

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